Membership Rules

Rules of Membership of the Nottingham Irish Centre

You will provide the Nottingham Irish Centre with accurate and complete information which will include your full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and details of an emergency contact.

You will inform the Nottingham Irish Centre of all changes to your contact information within 30 days so that we may keep our information accurate including the details of your emergency contact.

All information held by the Nottingham Irish Centre will be subject to the standard Privacy Policy, which we ask you to read. By requesting and being provided Membership of the Nottingham Irish Centre you will have consented to and confirmed acceptance of the Privacy Policy. 

Subject to your compliance with these rules and the terms you agreed to when joining you will have a membership with the Nottingham Irish Centre. Membership will include access to social activities and events held at the Centre along with details of the associated social media available in accordance with the terms of use which are incorporated therein.

You may cancel your membership at any time and this can be done by notifying the Nottingham Irish Centre. For the purposes of membership security this is a two-step process, firstly you should notify the Nottingham Irish Centre by email and then follow up with a telephone call verifying all of your details held. You will also have to provide proof of your identity. This process can also be done in person by way of a pre-arranged appointment at the Nottingham Irish Centre. In the interest of membership security, both processes must take place in order to cancel membership. However, we shall retain data which we are obliged to keep for legal and security reasons and administration purposes.

Please feel free to contact the Nottingham Irish Centre either by

The Nottingham Irish Centre is located at 2-4 Wilford Street Nottingham NG2 1AA