Advice & Support

Help & Support

If you yourself or if you know of anyone else in need of advice or support we, at the Nottingham Irish Centre, are here for you. If it’s assistance specifically for welfare, health or social advice, then please contact our Welfare Officer on 0791 503 7447 or by email. You can arrange an appointment (in normal times) between 12.30pm – 4pm at the rear office 2-4 Wilford Street Nottingham NG2 1AA. The team are there to help you.

Health, Welfare, Befriending and Passport Services

To see what categories of specific advice which are available at our NIC offices may we signpost you to our Community Care and Passport pages. These pages also provide links to other agencies which may well provide additional advice & support services.

Contact us by phone or by email:

Community Partners

If you maybe feeling alone, may we tell you that the Irish Community in Nottingham are very diverse in their interests and activities. There is something to interest everyone. If you would like to meet others of similar interest or background as yourself, we invite you to look further at what our Community Partners, both here at the Centre and in the Community. We invite you to obtain further details by visiting our Culture & Community and Contact pages.

Culture & Community